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The 5 Easy Steps To Homeownership

Regardless of credit history, job status, or even bankruptcy...

NOTE: At this time, all of our homes have been sold out! Please make sure our email is added to your “no spam” list so we can notify you as soon as the next home becomes available.

By joining the Creative Home Solutions Now preferred Buyers List, you will be notified as soon as a new home becomes available in your area. This way you get the first shot at these great “no-banks-required” homes.

IMPORTANT: Demand for these types of homes is A LOT HIGHER than their availability. Therefore, read this page in its entirety NOW so you can be ready when a home you like becomes available.


Step 1: Study Financing Programs And See Which One Is For You

The two programs are LEASE PURCHASE and OWNER FINANCING. Which one you choose will depend on the down payment you have available. After you've read this page, please take the time and read about these two programs by clicking on the links on the top of this page. It is very important for you to have full understanding of these programs.

Analyze your financial situation, determine what kind of down payment you have and what kind of monthly payment would fit in your budget. It is always a good idea to determine how much you can afford so you can pick a house and the financing program that fits you the best.

Step 2: Find A Home You Like And “Apply To Buy”

Look through the listings on this website and find a home you like, that meets your and your family needs, and that fits within your budget. Each listing has its own page with the house description, numerous pictures of interior and exterior, financial terms and directions. Print each listing for directions and reference, using the “Print Flyer” link at the top.

If you cannot find anything that would fit your criteria at this time, make sure you watch for "Listing Updates" and our automatic email system will send you new listings as they are posted. Remember to register again if you change your email address.

Once you find a home you like, click on the link “Apply To Buy” (link is provided on every page) and fill out the application form. This is not one of those 4 page/2hours applications. You can fill it out in 3 minutes. We don't ask you to explain your credit, we don't need your tax returns - we are only interested in your income and monthly obligations.

We’ll review the application and call you within 24 hours to arrange the showing.


Step 3: Visit The Home

You can drive by the home even before submitting the application. In fact we recommend just doing that, so you'll have a head start. If the home is vacant, feel free to walk around the house and see as much as you can through the windows, we always keep blinds up. If the home is occupied, please don't disturb the occupant, just get the curb appeal impression and check out the area.

Once we approve your application we will set up the showing.

Step 4: Tie-Up The Home: Your Important Step!

f you found the house you like, now is the time to get all the financial details of your purchase ironed out. We will discuss the financing plan with you and tweak it to your particular situation, when at the house or right thereafter.

Remember to bring an initial Earnest Money Deposit of minimum amount equal to 1% of the purchase price, so we can take the house off market. It is important to stake your claim before someone else does.

Please realize, until we receive a commitment from you, the house is available to other buyers, regardless of prior verbal or email communication we may have had before.

We had a number of cases where Buyers communicated to us (not once, but 2-4 times, over e-mail and phone) they wanted "that home", and we communicated back that we'd sell it to them (we already had them approved). However, these Buyers did not put an Earnest Money Deposit on the home. Someone else stepped forward, brought us the check - that was the end of story. The only way you can guarantee that a certain home is reserved for you is by putting an Earnest Money Deposit on that home.

When you bring your Earnest Money Deposit to our office, you will receive the Earnest Money Receipt with the summary of all financial terms and conditions of your purchase. The Earnest Money Deposit is applied towards your down payment at closing.

*NOTE: We may require additional Earnest Deposit if the move-in date is further out.

Step 5: Close The Purchase

Simply set up an appointment to meet with our closing representative. For everyone's peace of mind, we contracted a licensed and bonded Real Estate Law Firm to do the closings. Their attorney will have all the paperwork ready for your signatures. All parties whose names appear on the Contract must be present and sign.

Your share of closing costs varies from State to State, but it is in range of only $150-$300 for Lease Purchase program, and only $400-$600 for Owner Financing program (compare this to thousands of dollars wasted in a traditional closing!).

You’ll receive the keys at closing, (assuming the final “walk-through” was done prior to closing)… and you’re ready to move in!

Please, don't forget to bring with you the balance of your down payment, and the first month's payment as specified on your Earnest Money Receipt. All the funds must be paid by Money Order or Certified Bank Check (Cashier's Check).

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