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From the President

Dear Homeowner,

If you owe close to or more than what the property is worth, a short sale might be the only option. Many homeowners in your situation may hope for a miracle, but the fact is that banks are NOT willing to forgive any of the debt unless the property is sold for a reduced amount through the short sale process.


Why Short Sale?

Even that some may think their credit is bad now due to being late for months on their mortgage payment and other bills, it is in no comparison to the detrimental consequences of one's house being sold at the courthouse steps by the foreclosing trustee. Not to forget the other life altering financial damages such as tax consequences, and deficiency judgments pursued by the banks.

A successfully completed short sale will be reported to your credit as a "settlement for less than owed", which is far superior to the 7-year derogatory record a foreclosure will cause you. In turn, this will save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest rates, insurance premiums, and lost business opportunities.

By selling your house through a short sale, you will avoid all of the above, and will be in control of the entire moving process. Plus, knowing that you're doing the right thing for your future will bring you the peace of mind that you haven't had for some time.

Many homeowners understand these circumstances, but have no qualified advisors to turn to.


There are really only 3 options:

a) Refuse to acknowledge the situation and suffer the unnecessary consequences.

b) List your house with an agent and hope that the agent's expertise will result in a short sale approval, and then hope that a buyer will come along.

c) Decide to go with my company, and experience the outcome that you desire with absolutely no cost to you. We know how to EXPEDITE the entire short sale process, and additionally we may already have a buyer for your house, (as I'll explain in a minute).


Your short sale might not work, unless you work with a professional.

Starting a short sale, just to have it end up being unsuccessful, will NOT put you in a better position that you're in now. Statistics show that less than 50% of short sales done by real estate agents are successful. Even though real estate agents in general provide a wonderful and necessary service, the fact is they don't have the resources, AND the full-time negotiators on staff to bring this cumbersome short sale process to a successful resolution.

Another fact is that the volume processed by an average real estate firm is far too small to develop any kind of relationship with a lender, or to gather any insider's information, many times proven necessary to orchestrate the short sale process.

And lastly, even if the entire process is done properly, the whole effort is lost unless a qualified buyer closes within the unreasonably short time period given by the foreclosing lender.


Here is a better, more certain solution...

Creative Home Solutions Now has pioneered a system which closes the gaps of this complex process and has in turn become the #1 choice for homeowners and their caring agents.

Here are a few reasons why you can feel confident once you have the Creative Home Solutions Now team working for you:

1. Our Expertise Is Unmatched In Your County!

This may not be a modest statement, but for the last 5 years, we have been involved in hundreds of successful transactions, and we have the PROVEN RECORD. We know the insider secrets of how banks operate. Some of our office staff have actually worked for different banks, so we know the internal regulations and processes. We also understand where the banks lack in organization and where we need to step in to keep the process in motion. We don't wait for the banks to come back to us, we go to them. We send them the documents that they haven't even requested, (but we know they need them). It's a complicated process to say the least, but that is the reason why most short sale services available have such marginal approval rates.

2. Our #1 Prerogative Is Your Complete Satisfaction

We've built our business on Benjamin Franklin's saying that "Well done is better than well said!" And that has been well received by numerous homeowners that chose to be our clients. We are proud of the reputation that we've created.

3. Proprietary Processes and Proven Communication Channels

There is an old saying that "Repetition is the mother of skill". Over many years, and thousands of files, we have definitely found a way to achieve excellence. In addition, our proprietary software systems give us streamlined processes that result in peak performance. Furthermore, we've learned from experience that even though our country is big, the banking world is small. Cultivating relationships with lenders has proven to be a vital factor when facing critical time constraints. We're proud to be one of the few short sale negotiators to be recognized as welcomed by many of the bank's internal supervisory personnel.

4. Qualified Buyers Ready To Close, Due To Our Executive Relocation Efforts

The most critical, but least talked about component of the short sale process is what happens AFTER the short sale has been approved by the bank. More than 67% of the short sales that fail is due to lack of buyers, or buyers that were unable to close within the time frame allowed. What good does it do you if your short sale was approved, but your house still ended up in foreclosure because there was no buyer to be found, or... the buyer fell out of escrow at the last minute?

Our services are unique because we often have buyers that are ready and willing to close, even BEFORE the short sale has ever been approved. This dramatically increases the likelihood that the short sale will close and the bank will be paid off, resulting in a satisfactory outcome for our clients (homeowners and agents).

I hope that what you've learned about our company brings you peace of mind, and a clear direction to the most beneficial resolution to your situation.

Now nothing will happen unless you take the next step right now, at this moment!

Call our office now and schedule a free 30-minute consultation. The consultation can be done in person, or over the phone.

The number to call is: 920-239-6411

Time is of the essence, so go ahead and do it right now. Let's find out IF there is still time for us to help you, and then let's get started immediately!


Jason Van Norman

P.S. Please don't delay for your own sake. There is no cost or obligation to you. Call us now at 920-239-6411.

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